Botanical Name: Tetragonia tetragonoides
Common Names: Warrigal Greens, Botany Bay spinach, New Zealand spinach, Native spinach, Aussie spinach.


We love Warrigal Greens so much we sell it to local restaurants around Sydney. Warrigal Greens is an indigenous plant that grows along the eastern coast of Australia.  It has a similar taste to spinach once blanched. You can use it just as you would regular spinach. It’s a perfect accompaniment to other native foods such as kangaroo and emu or any game red meats.


Captain Cook and his men were the first Europeans to take advantage of Warrigal Greens, eating it with their Stingray in 1770. Convicts continued to eat it as a spinach substitute and it achieved brief popularity in Europe in the 19th century after Joseph Banks took back seeds to England.


Our aim is to promote Warrigal Greens as a viable native Australian spinach. Why eat English spinach when you can eat Aussie?


We can also provide you with beautiful Native Violets as an edible garnish in desserts and salads. Check out the photos on Links and Pics.


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